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LED signal traffic light type SS-56

LED signal traffic light type SS-56 is intended for indoor light alarm in industrial premises, including warning alarm for high tensionontrolley lines. It is also intended for illumination and lighting, including decorative color lighting. LS (SS) LED lamps with high-efficiency red, green, white, yellow LEDs are used as light source for traffic lights. Traffic lights are provided with color filters of clear (transparent), red, green and yellow glass. Products may be additionally equipped with protective grating or visor for traffic light filter.




Description Value
Electric shock protection class I
Traffic light environmental protection IP54
Group of operating conditions with regard to mechanical impact according to GOST 17516.1 M4
Power supply voltage, V 220±10%
Consumption power, W, not more: 4.5
Luminous intensity, cd, not less,than 2.5
Diffusion angle, degrees 120º
Lamp base type E27
Weight, kg 1.6
Service life, years 12
Warranty period, years 5


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