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Custom development.

Our experts may develop software and hardware products by customer specifications with subsequent mass production and aftersale support on customer request. Considerable development experience in LED, digital, pulse and power supply fields give us confidence to warrant high quality of our products.

Basic services for development of electronic devices
  • elaboration of specifications for Customer requirements;
  • selection of hardware components;
  • development of device electric schematic diagrams;
  • PCB design ;
  • firmware development for microcontrollers and digital signal processors;
  • development of PC software;
  • ordering and purchasing of components;
  • manufacture of models and prototypes, launch in serial production;
  • re-engineering - electric schematic diagrams according to PCB, upgrade/copying of Customer devices .
 Prices for services depend on project complexity to be negotiated in each case individually. You may describe and put forward your detailed requirements in writing to project@elintel.ru .

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