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LED data display panel "Pedestrian crossing"

LED data display panel "Pedestrian crossing" is intended for better visual display to allow or disallow pedestrians movement across pedestrian crossing. Display panels may be of one-sided or two-sided design, in color, yellow or flashing yellow versions. Color display panel (red-green-yellow) works in parallel to crossing pedestrian light, yellow glow panel does not require traffic controller. Additional product control mode (for red, green and yellow displays) is introduced in absence of main pedestrian crossing signals. This is the main mode for yellow display panels.  The panel display visually corresponds to road sign 5.19.1, 5.19.2, GOST R52290-2004.
The panel is housed in undismountable sealed metal case to impede unauthorized access. Facial protective glass of high impact strength,resistant to external climatic conditions.
Overall panel dimensions, mm: 700х700х70; 900х900х70


Panel operatingprinciple

a) for multi-color (red-green-yellow) panels: LED display outlines "standing man" in red after red pedestrian light is turned on. LED diffuser highlights green outline of "walking man" plus flashing yellow outline of "footpath"after turn on and green pedestrian signal supply . The "man" shall alternately move the legs in one direction, but "footpath" shall "run" in the opposite direction.
b) for yellow "walking man" image display:  When 220V is supplied to panel, the product LED diffuser shall highlight green outline of "walking man" plus flashing yellow outline of "footpath" and the "man" shall alternately move the legs in one direction and the "footpath" shall "run" in the opposite direction,
c) for "flashing yellow display panel": When 220V is supplied to panel, "man" contour and "footpath" are highlighted in flashing yellow light.



Specifications Value
Degree of protection against external factors IP54
Operating temperature range: – 40°С - +50ºС  
Relative humidity at 25 º C 100%  
Power supply voltage, V ~ 220В +10%-15%  
Power supply voltage frequency, Hz 50 ± 1%
Power consumption, W, not more 30
Continuous operation time неограниченно
Warranty period, years 3  





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