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LED board "Speed limit"

LED board "Speed limit" is designed to advise road users on maximum speed limit.  Maximum output speed limit value is selected from 40,60,80,90,100,110 to be specified in purchase order.
Screw holes for M8 bolts are provided at right and left section sides for board fixing. Terminal block is mounted inside back cover box for LED board "Speedlimit" connection to the circuit.  The board is housed in undismountable sealed metal body to impede unauthorized access. Facial protective glass of high impact strength,resistant to external climatic conditions.

Overall dimensions: - length 968 mm, width 164mm, height 982 mm.



Specifications Value
Degree of protection against external factors IP54
Operating temperature range: – 60°С - +60ºС
Relative humidity at 25 º C 100%
Power supply voltage, V ~ 220В +10%-15%
Power supply voltage frequency, Hz 50 ± 1%
Power consumption , W, not more 90
Continuous operation time unlimited
Warranty period, years 5


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