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We offer mutually beneficial cooperation if your organization is engaged in:

  • Sales and servicing of traffic control facilities.
  • Sales and servicing of indoor and outdoor energy saving lighting systems.
  • Sales and servicing of outdoor advertising fixtures.
  • Sales and servicing of dynamic and static information display panels.
  • Sales and servicing of solar energy equipment.

And if you are interested in design and development of electronic devices and software for prospective manufacture.

Why our products are so interesting for sales?

  • Innovation. We monitor market demands and offer new and timely solutions.
  • Continuous improvement. We pay great attention to development quality, pre-sale tests and subsequent customer support.
  • Reliability. We try to be consistent, predictable and binding in business.
  • Interests of partners. We take into account not only our own benefit, but the interests of our partners as well. We offer them the best conditions for cooperation and all possible support.

Contact us for partnership: (4862)43-90-98 or e-mail: market@elintel.ru

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