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Controllable road sign (CRS) "Speed limit"

Controllable road sign (CRS) "Speed limit" is intended to advise road users on speed limit. Displayed speed limit range - from 10 km/h to 190 km/h. Speed increment- 10 km/h.
The sign is housed in undismountable metal sealed body to impede unauthorized access.

Overall dimensions, mm: 980х980х107






CRS signs are available in five versions depending on communication device:

  • CRS -1 – motherboard - controlled by RS485 interfaceshall beused as independent RS485 network unit or as DIT part.
  • CRS-2 – modem- 220V supply control to one of 5 inputs (five fixed user set speed values)
  • CRS-3 – GSM/GPRS modem- cellular communication control (GSM / GPRS)
  • CRS-4 – LAN modem- LAN or VAN control
  • CRS-5 – GSM/GPRS/LAN modem - LAN, VAN or cellular communication control (GSM /GPRS)

Operating modes:

  1. Visual display of loaded data as road sign 3.24 graphic image "Speed limit".
  2. Download of required speed limit data and display brightness
  3. Reading of downloaded data (except CRS-2 design).
  4. Signblanking.
  5. Glow brightness change:
  • under software control (forced);
  • day-night mode switch (automatic), except CRS-1 design;
  • depending on lighting conditions (automatic).

CRS specifications

Specifications Value
Protection degree against external factors IP54
Operating temperature range: – 45°С - +55ºС
Relative humidity at 25 º C 100%
Power supply voltage, V ~ 220В +10%-15%
Power supply voltage frequency, Hz 50 ± 1%
Power consumption, W, not more 60
Brightness, cd/m2 12500
Range of displayed speed limits from 10 km / h to 190 km / h
Speed setting increment 10 km / h
Continuous operation unlimited
Warranty period, years 3


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