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Intelligent sounder IZS

Intelligent sounder IZS is designed for road intersections. The product provides permissible crossing sound for blind pedestrians at regulated intersections.

The sounder is mounted on traffic light support. The sounder compriseselectrically interconnected controller unit and horn speaker. Cable inputs for external connections are provided at controller unit body bottom and top. Cable length for horn speaker connection to controller unit does not exceed 1.5 m. Speaker and controller unit are attached to support. The product operates fromtraffic controller signals. The product provides for sound signal of certain frequency when "green" (main) pedestrian light is turned on by traffic controller.
The sounder provides for:

  • adjustment of minimum and maximum volume, depending on road width and time of day with regard to summer and winter time change;
  • sound melody selection;
  • automatic instruction at duration variation of permissible pedestrian signal using frequency time increase (melody) prior to main "green" light turn off.

Melody and sound volume are programed in advance. Built-in USB interface with PC is
provided for initial product settings.


Specifications Value
Electric shock protection class II
Protection degree against external factors IP54
Operating temperature range –45º ÷ +60º
Power supply voltage, V 220 ± 15%
Power supply voltage frequency, Hz 50 ± 1%
Product power consumption, VA, not more than 10
Maximum sound volume at 1 meter distance, dB 95-110
Warranty period 3
Average life - at least 10
Mass, kg, not more, than 1,5
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than 19012055






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